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What is TourSleuth?

TourSleuth is a mobile travel planning application for creating unique tours of places of interest in any city, town or rural area in the U.S.

Our product consists of a database of over 300 thousand points of interest that have been curated from the best sources for each interest area. Travelers want to find unique places to explore and share stories of their tour with friends and family.

Off the Beaten Track

Our collection of 300,00 places includes many spots not found on any other tour site. We do include the Empire State Building, Disney World and the Grand Canyon, but our emphasis is on less well known places such as Mini Golf, Funny Place Names, African-American History Sites, Ghost Towns , etc…

Browse by Your Interests

We have content in a large range of categories including Architecture, History, Family Fun, Shopping, Museums and Art Galleries. Want to take a pub crawl, we have U.S. Micro Breweries covered. How about a winery tour in Sonoma. California, we’ve got that covered too.  Looking for something of the beaten path, we’ll let you make a tour of Ghost Towns, or places with funny names like Buttzville or Ho-Ho-Kus. You can create a tour of any of these places from wherever you are in the U.S.

Create a tour of Sonoma Wineries
It’s as easy as…

Select your starting location
and category: Food & Drink

Select the wineries you want to see
and build your tour

Here’s your tour shown on the map.
You can save it for later and share it with others.

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About US

TourSleuth is now composed of two founders. Michael Uffer and Lewis Okser.

Michael Uffer has spent decades in the mapping technologies and other areas that produced the Company’s mobile product. His passion for travel and his love of maps, geography and museums brought him the idea to create TourSleuth.

Lewis Okser has a career mostly related to Wall Street investing.   He has partnered with several well-known successful personages in the venture capital field helps to coordinate direct marketing and sales operations.